About me

Hello, I'm Lucy. I'm an illustrator living in London and I love drawing, knitting, crocheting and baking. I also have a massive passion/addiction/obsession with vintage clothes, (though normal, brand new clothes come in at a very close second and if they look vintage, even better!)

There are lots of fashion blogs out there with photos of people wearing the clothes they love (which I do love looking at!) but I wanted to do something slightly different and illustrate some of the clothes I have bought, or am hoping to buy if the bank manager hasn't sent me yet another red bank statement! There are some fab vintage shops in London, though they can be rather pricey, so although I do sometimes buy from them I also search ebay, ASOS Marketplace and online vintages stores, as well as the good old charity shops.

I hope to share some great discoveries with you and let you know what I'm crazy about this month... and if that means you buy that gorgeous one-off vintage dress before I get the chance then good on you!

I must point out that I'm not being paid in any way or being sponsored by companies to talk about their websites or products (though if you want to please feel free!) These are my genuine likes, loves, wants and lusts and if I talk up a particular shop or website it's because I am mad about their stuff!

If you know of any discoveries you think I may like, do let me know and if I do love it, I'll illustrate it!

Do enjoy your stay.

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