Friday, 3 August 2012

Blue, blue, electric blue

Well, hellllo! #blush#

Yes, it's been a while indeed since I posted on my blog. In a way it's a good thing as it means that I've been very busy with other work but, dear readers, don't think that I haven't thought about you! I've wanted to post about this dress for a long time and, finally, the illustration is finished.

One of the things I've been busy with is my new website Please do have a look to see more of my other (less fashion based) work.

#Fanfare# And now, a little about the dress! 

This electric blue silky 80's number grabbed me as soon as I spotted it on the railings in the shop. The shop assistant also grabbed me - actually pounced on me would be the more accurate description. Usually in vintage shops you are left to your own devices whilst cool staff ignore you because they're too busy being cool. Not here. My boyfriend and I wandered into the Brockley based Bird's Dress Agency and in less than three minutes the two assistants were watching us, like cats ready to pounce on innocent little mice.
Both impeccably turned out in a Sloaney way - think neat ponytails, red lipstick, Barbour jackets and bright white teeth - the best way to describe this pair would be Two Fat Ladies, if they were thin and much more glamorous! I had barely glanced at this dress when Lady A sidled up to me. "£25" she answered, though I hadn't asked the question! I looked around and spotted Lady B helping my boyfriend try on a jacket and talking to him about fine tailoring. Eeeek! They've got us trapped, I thought! As he was trying on random shirts and cufflinks I escaped to the changing room.
Anyway, I could drag this story out but let's just say I'm easily persuaded and actually left with two dresses(!) and my boyfriend left with a very dapper tailored jacket (which he didn't need!)
Lovely ladies...just dangerously persuasive.

Anyone else had a similar experience?


Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fun and flirty 50s glasses - take two

Well, I've been away from my blog for a while but I'm back now with my second selection of summer spectacle ideas. I've wanted to illustrate these fabulous frames for some time and now that I have I am rewarded with the usual British summer weather (rain, rain, cold and rain!) I am actually considering putting the heating on or at least making a hot water bottle.

I could waffle on for a while, so before I do, here are the spectacular specs in question.

Vintage 50s eyewear have now sold the first frames which are so pretty. This seems to be happening with each pair I decide to illustrate from this shop! I think the general idea is if you like some frames on their site, buy them now! You can buy these ones which are the same - just a bit more silvery but no less stunning! As I've mentioned before you can then take these frames to your optician and get lenses put in to your requirements. If anyone has done this, do let me know, I bet they look fab!

Now let me tell you about Peggy - doesn't she look super cute?Another shop I have mentioned before, Jeepers Peepers sells a great range of 50s style frames, reading glasses and sunglasses. Peggy also comes in black or purple with clear frames or various strengths of reading lenses. I love the bright red Peggy, she would look perfect worn with red lipstick. I'm seriously thinking of investing in a pair of these.

Last but definitely not least, these lovely frames are from a new discovery of mine, Vintage Cat Eye Glasses. The wildest, most unusual and certainly the most awesome frames can be bought on this US website. Have a look, they are expensive but they really are the most rare and special 50s glasses I have ever seen! This pair are striking in shape and colour. I'd say that's worth paying a bit extra for.

Happy Jubilee weekend!


Friday, 11 May 2012

What I wore today

Last week something rather exciting happened to me! I was snapped for the Coggles street style blog whilst in central London. I was really flattered - London is full of many very stylish people and the guy could've chosen anyone rather than me - so I didn't exactly play it cool...

Guy: "Hey can I take a photo of you for a street style blog?"
Me: (One millisecond later) "Yes of course, where do you want me?!" (Super excited voice!)

I thought it would be nice to illustrate what I wore as usually I post about clothes I'm lusting after, so instead here are things I do actually own. I am also submitting my illustration to Gemma Correll's blog What I Wore Today...In Drawings.

First up is a spring jacket I bought for about £6 from Oxfam a few months ago (just to satisfy my out of control coat addiction for a few weeks!) I call it my granny coat as it did very probably belong to a granny before me!

Under that is a patterned shirt that I bought about seven years ago from a vintage shop in Berlin  (just to be extra showy offy, though it is a true fact!) It was about £5 if I remember correctly. Berlin is great for vintage shopping by the way!

Then we have my brogues from ASOS which will wear out soon, I wear them so much. 

And finally a fairly new addition to my wardrobe, these Kristen jeans from Topshop. They are high waisted (which I LOVE!) and super tight. I only wish they sold them in more colours!

I also had on some pink shades and a brown belt but I naughtily haven't illustrated them here due to time restraints!

Do have a look if you fancy - see if you can spot me!


Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Contrast collar part two

I heard about I Like What You're Wearing through Creative Boom and decided to check them out. ILWYW is a website with a magazine format that gives exposure to new designers. Some seriously beautiful clothes so do take a look.

Although slightly out of my price range, this dress by Myth and Ritual stood out to me as I love the contrast collar (surprise, surprise!) and the bright, juicy colour!

Now, just need to get saving! 

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Seriously sexy specs

Well, it's been a wet and miserable April so what better time to start my search for the perfect pair of summer specs?! I absolutely love 50s style cat eye glasses and there are lots out there at the mo, despite the weather! I've chosen just 3 of my faves to illustrate.

Vintage50sEyewear sell amazing vintage frames which are at the slightly more expensive end of the scale, but if your budget can stretch I think they are well worth it. You get the frames which you then take to your optician to fit lenses to your requirements to turn them into normal specs or sunglasses. I think they would look ace as your normal glasses! I guess you could always ask for clear lenses to be put in even if you don't need to wear glasses - a fashion accessory that looks great on other people but I don't quite have the guts to do it myself!

I can't get over how totally geeky yet sexy this black and pink winged pair is! They are sooo pretty but sadly they have just sold... however, looking at their stock, this does seem to be a style that they may get in again. Do check!

Next up, Jeepers Peepers Retro Eyewear sell genuine vintage sunglasses alongside good retro-style specs. There are lots of cat eye shapes going on and each pair is named, which makes me want to buy them even more! And best of all they are reasonably priced and have a decent returns policy - if you think your frames don't suit you, return them within 7 days, unworn, for a full refund.

At the moment I'd like to be Betty, she sounds very glamorous and would probably be going for a romantic drive along the sun-drenched Californian coast in her boyfriend's 50s cabriolet, wearing these sunglasses and a headscarf to stop her hair being ruined. 

Finally, back on the high street we have these silver tipped frames from Urban Outfitters...The cheaper of the three, but no less lovely for it, they definitely give a nod to the 50s and I like the detailed silver tips and the purple lenses., which to buy?


Friday, 27 April 2012

Contrast collar

Ooooo, I do love a good peter pan collar but contrast collars are fast becoming my new favourite collar style! I bought this shirt/blouse a few months ago (naughty!) after casually looking on ASOS when I was probably meant to be doing some work. This is a glorious chiffon shirt covered with little velvety hearts and accompanied by a silky collar and cuffs. It has two unusual pockets which blend seamlessly into the front of the shirt.

It is from Paisie, set up in 2010 by two Central St Martin's graduates who are selling their wares through ASOS. It's great to support British businesses, especially quite new ones, and it's also great to buy a new top! So go and buy yourself something from them...


Friday, 20 April 2012

I love Hasbeens

A recent discovery for me, so for those of you out there who don't know...these are Swedish Hasbeens.

I am so excited about these delicious 70s style clog sandals that I'm not quite sure where to start but if I just calm down for a second I can tell you that these shoes ROCK. This style is the Peep toe Super High (many other styles available) and comes in seven, yes SEVEN, colours. All pretty gorgeous, including Bubble Gum (a candy pink), Nature (a tasty mustard yellow) and even disco Silver, but I decided on illustrating the New Green shade.

The price is criminal but if you are in London and can afford a pair, pop down to Selfridges where they have a pop-up Hasbeens shop until the end of this week.

Hurry! And buy me a pair if you like.