Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Seriously sexy specs

Well, it's been a wet and miserable April so what better time to start my search for the perfect pair of summer specs?! I absolutely love 50s style cat eye glasses and there are lots out there at the mo, despite the weather! I've chosen just 3 of my faves to illustrate.

Vintage50sEyewear sell amazing vintage frames which are at the slightly more expensive end of the scale, but if your budget can stretch I think they are well worth it. You get the frames which you then take to your optician to fit lenses to your requirements to turn them into normal specs or sunglasses. I think they would look ace as your normal glasses! I guess you could always ask for clear lenses to be put in even if you don't need to wear glasses - a fashion accessory that looks great on other people but I don't quite have the guts to do it myself!

I can't get over how totally geeky yet sexy this black and pink winged pair is! They are sooo pretty but sadly they have just sold... however, looking at their stock, this does seem to be a style that they may get in again. Do check!

Next up, Jeepers Peepers Retro Eyewear sell genuine vintage sunglasses alongside good retro-style specs. There are lots of cat eye shapes going on and each pair is named, which makes me want to buy them even more! And best of all they are reasonably priced and have a decent returns policy - if you think your frames don't suit you, return them within 7 days, unworn, for a full refund.

At the moment I'd like to be Betty, she sounds very glamorous and would probably be going for a romantic drive along the sun-drenched Californian coast in her boyfriend's 50s cabriolet, wearing these sunglasses and a headscarf to stop her hair being ruined. 

Finally, back on the high street we have these silver tipped frames from Urban Outfitters...The cheaper of the three, but no less lovely for it, they definitely give a nod to the 50s and I like the detailed silver tips and the purple lenses., which to buy?


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