Friday, 11 May 2012

What I wore today

Last week something rather exciting happened to me! I was snapped for the Coggles street style blog whilst in central London. I was really flattered - London is full of many very stylish people and the guy could've chosen anyone rather than me - so I didn't exactly play it cool...

Guy: "Hey can I take a photo of you for a street style blog?"
Me: (One millisecond later) "Yes of course, where do you want me?!" (Super excited voice!)

I thought it would be nice to illustrate what I wore as usually I post about clothes I'm lusting after, so instead here are things I do actually own. I am also submitting my illustration to Gemma Correll's blog What I Wore Today...In Drawings.

First up is a spring jacket I bought for about £6 from Oxfam a few months ago (just to satisfy my out of control coat addiction for a few weeks!) I call it my granny coat as it did very probably belong to a granny before me!

Under that is a patterned shirt that I bought about seven years ago from a vintage shop in Berlin  (just to be extra showy offy, though it is a true fact!) It was about £5 if I remember correctly. Berlin is great for vintage shopping by the way!

Then we have my brogues from ASOS which will wear out soon, I wear them so much. 

And finally a fairly new addition to my wardrobe, these Kristen jeans from Topshop. They are high waisted (which I LOVE!) and super tight. I only wish they sold them in more colours!

I also had on some pink shades and a brown belt but I naughtily haven't illustrated them here due to time restraints!

Do have a look if you fancy - see if you can spot me!



  1. Congratulations on being streetstyled!

    Love this outfit in illustration form - I am sure it looks just as good in real life!

  2. That is awesome! I would feel so flattered too!
    xo dana

  3. congratulations! by the way, i really love your drawings ;) xx