Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Fun and flirty 50s glasses - take two

Well, I've been away from my blog for a while but I'm back now with my second selection of summer spectacle ideas. I've wanted to illustrate these fabulous frames for some time and now that I have I am rewarded with the usual British summer weather (rain, rain, cold and rain!) I am actually considering putting the heating on or at least making a hot water bottle.

I could waffle on for a while, so before I do, here are the spectacular specs in question.

Vintage 50s eyewear have now sold the first frames which are so pretty. This seems to be happening with each pair I decide to illustrate from this shop! I think the general idea is if you like some frames on their site, buy them now! You can buy these ones which are the same - just a bit more silvery but no less stunning! As I've mentioned before you can then take these frames to your optician and get lenses put in to your requirements. If anyone has done this, do let me know, I bet they look fab!

Now let me tell you about Peggy - doesn't she look super cute?Another shop I have mentioned before, Jeepers Peepers sells a great range of 50s style frames, reading glasses and sunglasses. Peggy also comes in black or purple with clear frames or various strengths of reading lenses. I love the bright red Peggy, she would look perfect worn with red lipstick. I'm seriously thinking of investing in a pair of these.

Last but definitely not least, these lovely frames are from a new discovery of mine, Vintage Cat Eye Glasses. The wildest, most unusual and certainly the most awesome frames can be bought on this US website. Have a look, they are expensive but they really are the most rare and special 50s glasses I have ever seen! This pair are striking in shape and colour. I'd say that's worth paying a bit extra for.

Happy Jubilee weekend!


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