Friday, 3 August 2012

Blue, blue, electric blue

Well, hellllo! #blush#

Yes, it's been a while indeed since I posted on my blog. In a way it's a good thing as it means that I've been very busy with other work but, dear readers, don't think that I haven't thought about you! I've wanted to post about this dress for a long time and, finally, the illustration is finished.

One of the things I've been busy with is my new website Please do have a look to see more of my other (less fashion based) work.

#Fanfare# And now, a little about the dress! 

This electric blue silky 80's number grabbed me as soon as I spotted it on the railings in the shop. The shop assistant also grabbed me - actually pounced on me would be the more accurate description. Usually in vintage shops you are left to your own devices whilst cool staff ignore you because they're too busy being cool. Not here. My boyfriend and I wandered into the Brockley based Bird's Dress Agency and in less than three minutes the two assistants were watching us, like cats ready to pounce on innocent little mice.
Both impeccably turned out in a Sloaney way - think neat ponytails, red lipstick, Barbour jackets and bright white teeth - the best way to describe this pair would be Two Fat Ladies, if they were thin and much more glamorous! I had barely glanced at this dress when Lady A sidled up to me. "£25" she answered, though I hadn't asked the question! I looked around and spotted Lady B helping my boyfriend try on a jacket and talking to him about fine tailoring. Eeeek! They've got us trapped, I thought! As he was trying on random shirts and cufflinks I escaped to the changing room.
Anyway, I could drag this story out but let's just say I'm easily persuaded and actually left with two dresses(!) and my boyfriend left with a very dapper tailored jacket (which he didn't need!)
Lovely ladies...just dangerously persuasive.

Anyone else had a similar experience?


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